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Online Mock tests are one  of  the  eminent  products  of  Testbook. Testbook  users  often  prepare  for  more than one exam together, which is why Testbook Pass was launched. Buying the Testbook Pass allows them to prepare for SSC, Banking, Railways, Teaching, etc. exams and attempt as many tests as they’d like from these exams.
Testbook Pass is a special membership pass that unlocks all the tests under all the exams available onTestbook. With Testbook Pass, students can take unlimited tests. Visit Testbook Pass Click Here


    • According to their estimated preparation duration and amount of practice that they require, students can buy 2 months, 6 months, or 1 year Pass.
    • Once a student buys the Testbook Pass, all the tests from all the exams available on Testbook gets unlocked for them. They can attempt as many tests as they want untiltheir Pass expires.
    • If students renew the Pass before the expiry date, the duration of Pass simply gets added to the remaining days in their currently active Pass cycle. ·         For example, if they renew the monthly Pass 20 days before the expiry date, the renewed Pass will now be valid for a total of 50 days.
    • After the Pass expires, students have to renew it to access unattempted and new tests.

Where to Buy Testbook Pass:

Testbook pass can be bought through:
  1. Testbook App
  2. Testbook Website
  3. Testbook Online Learning Centers
  4. Selected Bookstores
  5. Amazon.com

To Buy Testbook Pass, Just Click Here

How to Buy Testbook Pass:

To buy  Testbook  Pass  from  Testbook.com  or  Testbook  App,  you  can  Click ‘BUY PASS and make the payment.
However, if you are not already logged in, you can sign up or login after or before clicking on ‘Buy Pass’ and then make the payment dependingupon which Pass you are buying.

With the help of Testbook Pass:

  • Students can prepare for any exams on Testbook until it’s validity. Passes are usually valid for 1 year, 2 months, and 6 months.
  • Whenever a new Exam is announced, i.e. its dates or notification gets announced and Testbook launches it, the exam will be automatically unlocked for students. So this means the students can attemptthose exams also which get launched after they make the purchase.
  • The tests are alwaysbased on the latest patternand consist of top-quality questions.
  • Tests can be attemptedin both Hindi and English.
  • Students can attempt tests from anywhere – App or website – Irrespective of where the students buy the Pass from.
Group Preparation: 
Students can buy Testbook Pass for themselves and their friends at a discounted price to prepare for exams in a group. All the members of this group can access unlimited tests using just one Pass.
Their validity starts when they are added to the group by the person who  purchased  the  Pass (through verified email ID) and ends after the due period (30 days, 6 months, or 360 days depending upon its validity.)

Steps to Buy a Pass in a Group: 

  1. The student selectsthe Pass they want to purchase for the group.
  2. Then they select the number of students in this group.
  3. Depending upon the number of friendsin the group, the studentgets a discount accordingly.
  4. Passes get added to the accountof the person who makesthe purchase.
  5. The personcan then distribute Passes to their friends with their verifiedmobile number or email Id.


The validity of the Pass is mentioned on the Pass purchased. The validity of the pass will begin from the date the Pass is added to the student’s account. The student and his or her friends will be able to utilize the entire duration of the Pass.

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