UNACADEMY: India’s Largest Learning Platform

About Unacademy:

Unacademy is an educational technology company based in Bangalore, India. Started in 2015, it is a platform that offers online education in India. Unacademy educators consist of either student who has cleared various exams or mentors who have teaching experience. Now in India, it is the largest learning platform.

What does Unacademy offer: 

Unacademy offers the online course from India’s top educator both in Free or Paid mode. Simply signing up will avail you to watch all the free contents of Unacademy in the Home page section. For paid courses, you need to subscribe to their PLUS platform.
They offer all the courses whose exams are being conducted in India either its JEE Mains or Advanced, Neet, Clat, UPSC, SSC, Banking, Railway, State PSC, Gate, TET, CAT, AFCAT, etc. You can find the best tutor for your preparation sitting comfortably at home at a reasonable price.

How to avail Free courses:

  • Simply signup using mobile no., email or facebook Click to open Unacademy
  • Select your Goals
  • Unacademy will recommend you the teachers for your goals or you can select an educator manually
  • Watch their lessons
  • That’s all

About Unacademy Plus:

At Unacademy Plus, you need to buy a subscription for the course you are preparing for. Here, you will be studying online interacting live with teachers as it will be live classes. Top educators will be covering all your syllabus related to the exams and course you subscribed to. Study materials will be provided. Doubt sessions are being held so that students can clear their doubts and quizzes are being taken so that students can check where they stand in the crowd of preparing the exams at a reasonable price. You won’t regret being a part of Unacademy Plus.

The benefit of Unacademy Plus:

  • Live classes from top educators seating comfortably at home.
  • Each and every topic are being covered in a lucid manner that is easy to understand.
  • Study materials are being provided.
  • Live quizzes are being held.
  • Doubt session is being taken after every lesson.
  • Live courses both in English and Hindi.
  • New courses published every month.
  • You can use it both in Laptop or Mobile.
  • Select the validity of your subscription according to your need (1Month, 3Months, 6Months or 12Months).
  • Everything at a reasonable price.

How to subscribe to Unacademy Plus:

For example: Let’s consider you are preparing for TET exam and you need online coaching and you have decided to subscribe to Unacademy Plus. First of all login to Unacademy either from mobile or laptop.
After signing in, go to the PLUS section.
Select course that you want to prepare for:

unacademy plus
> Click on get subscription
unacademy tet course
Select validity and apply Referral code: PLUSZQ5PP 
     Using this referral code you will get 10% off on your plus subscription. And also one week extra after your validity expires. 
NOTE: You can apply this referral code for any plus courses and avail discount.
unacademy tet courses
> You can also use Credits to avail up to extra 10% off on your plus subscription. Overall you can redeem a 20% discount on your subscription. Use your credits and this referral code PLUSZQ5PP and click apply. 
unacademy plus courses
> Click continue after applying your credits and referral code.
unacademy plus courses
> Select your payment method and confirm your payment
unacademy plus courses
> You can now use your Unacademy Plus subscription and study from India’s top educator sitting comfortably at home at a reasonable price.
Login to Unacademy today and take the benefit.

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