The main features of the poetry of SAROJINI NAIDU

Sarojini Naidu is the most lyrical of the Indian English poet. Because of the sweetness and musicality of her verse, she was fondly called by Mahatma Gandhi “The Nightingale of India”. In the early phase of her poetic career, she was enamored by British romantic poets and imitated them in her poetry. But on the advice of Edmund Morris, she tried to ” reveal the heart of India”. In her poems, she consequently published three volume of the poem – “The Golden Threshold”, ” The Bird of Time” and “The Broken Wing” in quick succession in the continual session in 1905, 1912, 1917. These volumes were highly praised (admire) by the western literally magazines like “The Time”, ” The Glasgow Herald”, “The New Yorkshire Time”. 

Naidu has written a large number of love lyrics which have great literally appeal. Although romantic love and the object of nature are her favorite themes she is not without the real touch of spiritual awareness. In fact, spiritual learning is at the core of all Indian English poetry as well as all Indian are born philosophers. She is also conscious of the transience of this temporary world even in the ecstasy of romantic love. So her best poem is not only a ” Voice and Echo” of a feeble voice of the decadent romanticism but also an authentic excellency, exquisitely turned to composite Indian ethics. They bring home to the unbiased readers all the opulence peasantry and charm of traditional India scene. Her poetry is intensely emotional and heart touching. Images and messages come as naturally to her as leaves to a tree”. Her poetry has a pleasant and refreshingly lyrical flavor. The influence of British romanticism is obvious in a poetry but she feeds it as an indigenous (native) flavor of soil touched to the subtle soul of every Indian.

Naidu love poems are intensely personal, emotional and metaphysical in theme. Her love ranges from passionate intensity to mystic sublimity. Love is decidedly the favorite subject of Naidu’s poetry and her handling of this age, an old theme is marked by a variety of approach mood and technique. Due to this special panoramic vision and literally elaboration in the political yard, her reward and respective name Naidu has completely metaphor to Nightingale.

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