Figure Of Speech : FABLE

A story in which animals, birds, and insects appear and talk and behave like human beings. It is the device that is used to characterize different human nature through animals action.
In poetical device Fable, we mostly used human understanding while we roughly change the action of human being in the imagination of insects, animals, birds, or others nonhuman creatures. In India, Vishnu Sharma was the greatest Fable writer who had design all poetical, economical, social, cultural and another issue of human beings imposing on the action of animal like a man. Although there is no belief in action Fable’s character yet surprises message inspires us to accept Fable as an ethical epic.

Examples : 
> There was a kind-hearted tiger who used to keep the transparent law for every creature of his empire.
> There was a wise crow who send his children for education because he wanted to make him full of discipline with good manner.

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